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Energy & Environment Promotion

In 1998 , Dr Zhang initiated the first Internet website in the field of HVAC in China: “www.chinahvacr.com“, under the support of the EU Asia – Link project (2005-2007) and the Ministry of Finance and National Development and Reform Commission Project (2013-2017), he led the team to establish the Education Promotion and Communication System of Green Building ,Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction , the system includes:
[1]Promote Website and related new Media
· China HVAC&R Website ( www.chinahvacr.com )
· Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Website ( www.chinaeser.cn )
· Green Building Website (http://building.Chinaeser.cn

[2]Academic Journals
Building Energy & Environment

[3]Expo and Forum
China(Changsha) Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Industry Expo
China(Changsha)Housing Industrialization and Green Building Expo
China (Changsha) Prefabricated Building and Construction Technology Expo

[4] Sustainable Architectural Education System

[5] International Academic Conference

[6]Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Training Program (domestic and international)

[7] Popular Science Books: “Home Decoration: beware of human health killers” “Energy Saving and Emission Reduction” “A treasure box to save the future”

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