Dr. Zhang's personal website

Professional Societies

2003-2005, Director,International Initiative on Sustainable Built Environment (iiSBE)
2005-2007, Director,Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences
2007-present, Vice President,Chinese Committee of Indoor Environment and Health
2009-present, Vice President,Chinese Committee of Building Thermal Energy and Power
2000-present, Director,Chinese Committee of Heating,Ventilation and Air Conditioning
2009-present, Standing Director,Chinese Committee of Building Energy Efficiency Services
2012-present, Director,China Green Building Council
2008-present, Vice President,Hunan Provincial Society of Refrigeration
2012-present, Vice President,Hunan Provincial Association of Construction Technology and Building Energy Efficiency
2010-present, Standing Director,Hunan Provincial Society of Civil Engineering and Architecture
2016-present, Member,Academic Comittee of National Center for International Research Collaboration on Building Safety and Environment, Ministry of Science and Technology
2010-present, Member,Academic Comittee of Key Laboratory of Building Safety and Energy Conservation, Ministry of Education
2012-present, Member,Academic Comittee of Key Laboratory of Building Energy Conservation and New Energy,Guangxi Province

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