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Bit by bit cost reduction obviously increase efficiency

“Energy saving and emission reduction” is a necessary choice for our country to be in short supply of resources, reduce the environmental pressure and carry out the sustainable development of economy. In chemical enterprises such energy resources consumption, energy-saving emission reduction is imperative. In response to the company’s energy-saving emission reduction call, we start from the details of the boiler water plant, and actively grasp the work of saving energy and reducing consumption.

The water workshop is mainly responsible for the production of steam in the boiler in addition to salt water, in addition to the quality of salt water on the safe operation of the boiler and energy saving and emission reduction has a direct impact. As the preparation of the raw water used in addition to the salt water for the Yellow River water, water containing small particles, suspended solids, colloids, organic impurities and other impurities, poor water quality, to prepare us in addition to water caused some difficulties. To this end, we in energy saving, scientific development as a guide, in addition to coagulation, sedimentation and filtration of conventional mixing, using reverse osmosis, electro dialysis softening, desalination, water preparation technique, in addition to produce qualified brine. At the same time, we use the characteristics of the equipment to reduce energy consumption and save energy, and improve the recovery rate of water production. In order to reduce the amount of water, we have to take two water use. These measures have saved resources, reduce energy consumption, and create a more significant economic benefits.

Energy saving and emission reduction, is the trend of the times, is the only way to achieve scientific development. Every one of US workers should establish a “bit by bit to reduce the cost and increase the benefit of energy-saving awareness of every minute”, consciously into energy consumption activities, carry out building blocks, try our best to contribute to reducing the energy consumption of enterprises.

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