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Standards and Regulations

[1] Industrial Building HVAC System Design Standard (National Standard GB50019-2015)

[2] Building ventilation effect test and evaluation criteria (National Building Industry Standard JGJ/T 309-2013)

[3] Energy Allocationg Timing Method of Air Conditioning System (National Standard GB/T 29580-2013)

[4] Building Natural Ventilation Design Standard (National Construction Standanization Association Standard) ( Guoqiang Zhang, Wei Yin , etc. )

[5] Residential Building Energy Saving Design Standard in Hunan Province (Provincial Standard DBJ431001-2004) (Hongcheng Liu, Guoqiang Zhang, etc.)

[6] Public Building Energy Saving Design Standard in Hunan Province (Provincial Standard DBJ 43003-2010) (Hongcheng Liu, Guoqiang Zhang, etc.)

[7] Guidance of Ground Source Heat Pump Application in Hunan Province( Guoqiang Zhang, Jie Han , etc.)

[8] Guidance of Public Building Energy Audit in Hunan Province (Hongqiang Li, Jie Huang ,  Guoqiang Zhang, etc.)

[9] Public Building Energy Saving Design Standard and Implementation Rules in City of Changsha ( Guoqiang Zhang, Hongqiang Li, etc.)

[10] Technical Regulations on Energy Consumption Monitoring System of Public Buildings in Hunan Province (Guoqiang Zhang, Hongqiang Li, etc.)

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