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[1]Hongqiang Li,Shushuo Kang,Lin Lu,Lifang Liu,Xiaofeng Zhang,Guoqiang Zhang.Optimal design and analysis of a new CHP-HP integrated system. Energy Conversion & Management, 146(2017)217-227
[2]Hongqiang Li,Xiaofeng Zhang,Lifang Liu,Shuang Wang,Guoqiang Zhang.Proposal and research on a combined heating and power system integrating biomass partial gasification with ground source heat pump[J]. Energy Conversion & Management, 145(2017)158-168.
[3]Bo Cai, Hongqiang Li, Yan Hu, Lifang Liu, Jie Huang, Andrea Lazzaretto, Guoqiang Zhang.Theoretical and Experimental Study of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) System Integrated with Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP),Applied Thermal Engineering(2017)
[4]Zhun Yu, Jun Li, Bin Yang, Thomas Olofsson, Guoqiang Zhang. Temporarily occupied space with metabolic-rate-initiated thermal overshoots—A case study in railway stations in transition seasons, Building and Environment, 112(2017) 184-193
[5]Shushuo Kang,Lin Lu,Hongqiang Li,Guoqiang Zhang. A Novel CHP-HP Coupling System and its Optimization Analysis by Genetic Algorithm . Energy Procedia, 105(2017)2089-2094.
[6]Junli Zhou,Cheng Ye,Yan Hu,Hassan Hemida,Guoqiang Zhang,Wei Yang.Development of a model for single-sided, wind-driven natural ventilation in buildings. Building Service Engineering, 38(2017)381-399
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[10]Hongqiang Li, Xiaofeng Zhang, Lifang Liu, Rong Zeng, Guoqiang Zhang, Exergy and environmental assessments of a novel trigeneration system taking biomass and solar energy as co-feeds , Applied Thermal Engineering 104 (2016) 697–706
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[21]Rong Zeng, Hongqiang Li, Lifang Liu, Xiaofeng Zhang, Guoqiang Zhang, novel method based on multi-population genetic algorithm for CCHP–GSHP coupling system optimization, Energy Conversion and Management,105 (2015) 1138–1148
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Referred Chinese Journal Papers

193 referred Chinese Journal papers have been published from 1991.

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