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Principle Investigator

Projects Ongoing

[1] Ventilative Cooling, International Energy Agency, IEA EBC Annex 62 2014-2018

[2] Energy Storage with Energy Efficient Buildings and Districts: Optimization and Automation, International Energy Agency, IEA ECES Annex 31, 2014-2018

[3] Green Building Ventilation Energy-Saving Technology Integration and Demonstration, International Cooperation Project of Ministry of National science and technology (RMB1,960,000), 2014DFA72190, 2014-2017

[4] It is based on the Green Energy Conservation Building System Cooperation Research of Renewable Resources, The Special Project of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Science and Technology (RMB1,140,000), 2014DFE70230, 2015-2017

[5] Evaluation and Promotion Platform of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction ,  Finance Bureau of Changsha, National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, Approval Project of National Development and Reform Commission , Financial and Construction of Changsha 2014(RMB460,000,000), 2014-2018

Projects Finished

[6] A Multidisciplinary Approach to Curriculum Development on Sustainable Built Environment, EU/Asia – Link project (460,000 EURO), CN/Asia – Link / 12 (93-520), 2004-2007

[7] System Identification Method for Dynamic Characteristics of Absorption Chillers, Foundation Research Fund Project of City University of Hong Kong (178,000 HKD), 7000971 (BST), 1997-1998

[8] The basic Research of Energy Management System of Centralized Cooling Residential Area, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Canada CCUIPP Foundation Project (RMB 28,000), 70042012,2000-2001

[9] Building Materials Pollutant Emission Process Mathematical Simulation, National Natural Science Foundation of China (RMB 170,000), 50078020, 2001-2003

[10] Building Heat Storage and Natural Ventilation Coupling Theory, National Natural Science Foundation of China (RMB 220,000), 50478055,2004-2006

[11] Key Technology Research of Village Low Grade Energy Utilization , National Key Technologies R&D Program of China (RMB 24.40 million), 2006BAJ04B04, 2006-2010

[12] Research on the Key Technology of the Wind Environment and Indoor Natural Ventilation in Residential Area, National Key Technologies R&D Program of China (RMB 780,000), 2006BAJ02A05-4 2006-2010

[13] Research on Planning and Design of Residential Area and its Environment (RMB 80,000), National Key Technology Research and Development Program of China during the “10th Five-Year Plan” (sub-item), 2002BA806B02, 2002-2004

[14] The Mathematical Simulation of the Penetration Mechanism of Atmospheric Particulate Matter in the Structure of the Building Envelope (RMB 60,000), the Program of the Doctoral Program of Higher Schools, 20040532020, 2004-2006

[15] Construction of Energy Conservation Supervision System of State Organs of Hunan Province and Large Public Buildings, Department of Housing Construction and Provincial Finance, Approved the Project of the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Housing . (RMB 3.2 million), Finance and Construction of Hunan Province [2008] no. 2008, 2008-2015

[16] Green Low-carbon Community Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Technology Integration and Application Demonstration, Key major of Science and Yechnology in Hunan Province( RMB 5.7 million ), 2011FJ1007, 2011-2016

[17] Architecture Sustainable Development Technology and Education, Trans-Century Training Programme Foundation for the Talents by the State Education Commission (RMB 500,000), The Personal Department of the Ministry of Education. [2002] 383, 2002-2006

[18] Research of Building Decoration Material Surface Pollutant Emission Process Mechanism , State Foundation for Studying Abroad. (RMB 50,000), The Department of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Education. [2001] 498, 2001-2003

[19] Construction of Building Environment and Equipment Engineering Professional Teaching Reform and Professional Platform , Department of Education in Hunan Province / Education Reform Project of Hunan University (RMB 25,000), Education of Hunan Province [2003] no. 98/200304A, 2003-2004

[20] Building Energy Conservation Integration Technology Research and Demonstration of Hunan Province, Key Research Project in Hunan Province (RMB 200,000), 2007CK2005, 2007-2009

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