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Graduated Ph.D. Thesis

Since 2000, Dr. Zhang has guided 44 PhD. students, among which 21 have graduated and obtained their degree.

  1. Likui Yu, 2001-2004, Building environmental performance simulation, evaluation and optimization research
  2. Jianlong Liu, 2002-2007, based on the stochastic theory of residential indoor environmental health risk assessment and simulation method
  3. Zhisheng Li, 2002-2007, the research on the failure detection and diagnosis of refrigeration units
  4. Xiao Chen , 2003-2006, the operation characteristics and operation optimization of the surface water source heat pump system
  5. Yongmin Yan, 2003-2007, research on adaptive optimization control model of architectural cold and heat source system
  6. Xiaoli Hao, 2003-2008, Bray-tonjoint production cycle limited time thermodynamics analysis and optimization, Excellent doctoral dissertation of Hunan Province.
  7. Junli Zhou, 2003-2009, The analysis of indoor temperature calculation and influencing factors under the coupling effect of building heat storage and natural ventilation
  8. Mingjing Jie, 2004-2009, Research ofnatural ventilation designof rural residential in North of Hunan Province
  9. Liwei Tian, 2005-2009, Research on the prediction model of indoor environmental particle concentration and pollution control strategy
  10. Jie Han, 2005-2009, The thermal comfort model of natural ventilation environment and its application in the Yangtze river basin
  11. Wei Yin, 2006-2009, Forecast of Building natural ventilation utilization and Research of Energy conservation evaluation model
  12. Tong Yang, 2006-2010, u-shaped vertical buried pipe heat ex-changerthermal response model and its algorithm research
  13. Xiaokai Chen, 2007-2011, analysis and evaluation of volatile organic pollutants in cars and adsorption photo-catalyticresearch
  14. Xi Jin, 2007-2014, based on value engineeringof the evaluation and optimization research on the energy saving design of rural residential in north of Hunan Province
  15. Jiasheng Wu, 2008-2012, the theory of cooling tower and thermal operation optimization of water and water heat pump ( QuanZhang, Guoqiang Zhang)
  16. Liping Zeng, 2008-2012, the preparation of carbon nanotubes/titanium dioxide/chitosan films and the study of the degradation of benzene ( GuoqiangZhang,  Quan Zhang)
  17. Yonghui Guo, 2008-2012, the heat transfer characteristics and system performance analysis of the direct expansion type heat pump single U heat ex-changer
  18. XiaoqinSun, 2011-2014, the research on the mechanism of thermal storage of phase change materials and the energy efficiency of the cooling of the base station ( GuoqiangZhang, Quan Zhang )
  19. Min Xiao, 2008-2016, research on thermal insulation performance of vegetation roofing in Hunan Province
  20. Shushuo Kang, 2013-2016, the integrated system study of the coupling of natural gas base cold and heat power supply and heat pump ( GuoqiangZhang, Hongqiang Li )
  21. Rong Zeng, 2013-2016, multi-objective optimization research on the coupling system of the joint production system and the ground source heat pump ( GuoqiangZhang, HongqiangLi )

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