Dr. Zhang's personal website


2003-present, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Building Energy and Environment(in Chinese), Chinese Society of Architecture
2002-2003, Editor-in-Chief, Yearbook of China HVAC&R Industry(in Chinese), Chinese Association of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry
2007-2012, Editor-in-Chief, Series Text Book on Sustainable Built Environment(in Chinese),China Construction Industry Press
2009-2012, Member, Advisory Board of International Journal of Building and Environment
2005-2007, Member,Editorial Board of Newsletter of International Initiative on Sustainble Built Environment(iiSBE)
2005-2007, Member,Editorial Board of Journal of HV&AC(in Chinese)
2003-present, Member, Editorial Board of Journal of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Power Machinery(in Chinese)
2004-present, Member, Editorial Board of Journal of China Construction Information-HVAC(in Chinese)
2002-Present, Member, Editorial Board of Journal of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning(in Chinese)

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